Community & Family Medicine Administration

Anthony J. Viera, MD, MPH, Professor, Chair
Kathryn M. Andolsek, MD, MPH, Professor, Tenure
Daniel Blazer, MD, PhD, MPH, Professor (secondary)
Ebony L. Boulware, MD, MPH, Professor (secondary)
Don Bradley, MD, Consulting Professor
Catherine GillissDNSc, RN, FAAN, Professor (secondary)
J. Lloyd Michener, MD, Professor
Truls Ostbye, MD, PhD, MPH, MBA, FFPH, Professor, Tenure, Vice Chair for Research and Scholarship
George R. Parkerson Jr., MD, MPH, Professor, Tenure
Steven Patierno, PhD, Professor (secondary)
Mary Story, PhD, RD, Professor, Tenure
Donald H. Taylor, PhD, Assistant Professor (secondary)

Division of Community Health

Michelle Jacqueline Lyn, MBA, MHA, Assistant Professor, Division Chief
Kathryn M. Andolsek, MD, MPH, Professor, Tenure (secondary)
Sarah Armstrong, MD, Associate Professor (secondary)
Nadine J. Barrett, PhD, Assistant Professor
Debra Best, MD, Associate Professor (secondary)
Donna Biederman, DrPH, MN, RN, Associate Professor (secondary)
Dennis A. Clements, MD, PhD, MPH, Professor (secondary)
Anne Derouin, DNP, Assistant Professor (secondary)
Eric Eisenstein, DBP, Associate Professor (secondary)
Jeffrey Ferranti, MD, MS, Professor (secondary)
Lawrence Greenblatt, MD, Professor (secondary)
William Edward Hammond II, PhD, Professor
Sherman James, PhD, Professor (secondary)
Constance Johnson, PhD, Associate Professor (secondary)
Frederick Salvatore Johnson, MBA, Assistant Professor of Practice
Peter S. Kussin, MD, Professor (secondary)
Scott Lynch, MD, Profesor (secondary)
Michael Merson, MD, Professor (secondary)
Samuel D. Moon, MD, MPH, Associate Professor (secondary) 
Ashwin Patkar, MD, Professor (secondary)
Benjamin Reese, Jr., PsyD, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Charmaine Royal, PhD, Associate Professor (secondary) 
Mina Ruth Silberberg, PhD, Associate Professor
Susan Spratt, MD, Assistant Professor (secondary)
James Tcheng, MD, Professor (secondary)
Anh Nhat Tran, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor
Kathryn Whetten-Goldstein, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Tenure (secondary)

Diet and Fitness Center

Ronette Kolotkin, PhD, Consulting Professor
Ronald Sha, MD, Assistant Consulting Professor

Division of Family Medicine

John W. Ragsdale III, MD, Associate Professor, Division Chief, Vice Chair for Clinical Services
Teah Bayless, DO, Assistant Professor, Track IV
Blake R. Boggess, DO, CAQSM, Professor
William Bynum, MD, Assistant Professor
Jeffrey R. Bytomski, DO, FAOAS, Associate Professor
Cerrone Cohen, MD, Medical Instructor
Joyce A. Copeland, MD, Associate Professor
Tiffany Covas, MD, MPH, Medical Instructor
Toni Cutson, MD, Associate Professor (secondary)
Sharon Hull, MD, MPH, Professor
Karen Kingsolver, PhD, Assistant Professor (secondary)
Michelle Jacqueline Lyn, MBA, MHA, Assistant Professor (secondary)
Viviana S. Martinez-Bianchi, MD, FAAFP, Assistant Professor, Residency Program Director
Kenyon Railey, MD, Assistant Professor, Director of CFM Diversity and Inclusion
Tracy R. Ray, MD, Associate Professor (secondary)
Devdutta G. Sangvai, MD, MBA, FAAFP, Associate Professor
Lorraine S. Sease, MD, MSPH, Assistant Professor, Medical Director
Barbara L. Sheline, MD, MPH, Professor
Deborah L. Squire, MD, Assistant Professor (secondary)
Donna M. Tuccero Sanders, MD, Assistant Professor
Nancy J. Weigle, MD, Assistant Professor
C. Brock Woodis, PharmD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Division of Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Dennis J. Darcey, MD, MPH, MSPH, Assistant Professor, Dir. of Occupational Medicine Education, Division Chief
Carol A. Epling, MD, MSPH, Assistant Professor
Judith Holder-Cooper, PhD, Assistant Professor (secondary)
George W. Jackson, MD, Associate Professor
Tamara M. James, MA, CPE, Assistant Professor    
Stephanie T. Jenal, PhD, Clinical Associate (secondary)
Samuel D. Moon, MD, MPH, Associate Professor
Kristen Said, MD, Assistant Professor
Ashley Land Schoenfisch, PhD, Assistant Professor (secondary)
Andrew S. Silberman, MSW, LCSW, Assistant Professor
Woodhall Stopford, MD, Assistant Professor
Wayne R. Thomann, DPH, Assistant Professor

Duke Physician Assistant Program

Patricia McKelvey Dieter, MPA, PA-C, Professor, Division Chief, Interim Program Director
Lovest Theodore Alexander, MHS, PA-C, Assistant Professor, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Lorraine Anglin, MHS, PA-C, Medical Instructor
Jacqueline Barnett, DHSc, MSHS, PA-C, Associate Professor, Associate Program Director
Melinda Frances Blazar, MHS, PA-C, Assistant Professor, Clinical Coordinator
Alice Cooper, RNC, OGNP, Clinical Associate (secondary)
Christine M Everett, PhD, MPH, PA-C, Associate Professor
Margaret Gradison, MD, MHS-CL, Professor, Medical Director
Susan T. Hibbard, PhD, Assistant Professor, Director of Assessment and Evaluation
Megan Holmes, PhD, Assistant Professor
Nicholas Mark Hudak, MSEd, MPA, PA-C, Associate Professor, Clinical Coordinator
Quinnette Jones, MSW, MHS, PA-C, Medical Instructor
John Li, MD, Assistant Professor (secondary)
David Marks, MD, Associate Professor (secondary)
Betsy Melcher, MS, ATC, MHS, PA-C, Assistant Professor, Academic Coordinator
Perri A. Morgan, PhD, PA-C, Professor, Director PA Research
Sandro Pinheiro, PhD, MA, Associate Professor (secondary)
Peggy Riley Robinson, MHSc, MS, PA-C, Associate Professor, Director of Curriculum
Mara R. Sanchez, MMS, RD, PA-C, Assistant Professor
April Loehmer Stouder, MHS, PA-C, Associate Professor, Director of Clinical Education
Annamarie Faust Streilein, MHS, PA-C, Assistant Professor, Director of Preclinical Education
Haresch Tharwani, MD, Associate Professor (secondary)

Division of Prevention Research

Laura Jane Fish, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor
Patricia Gripka Moorman, PhD, MSPH, Professor, Tenure
Kathryn IIonka Pollak, PhD, Professor (secondary)
Isaac Lipkus, PhD, Professor (tertiary)

Division of Student Health

John Vaughn, MD, Associate Professor, Division Chief
Franca Brossi Alphin, MPH, RD, LND, Associate Professor
Brian H. Halstater, MD, Associate Professor
Philip Hunter Spotts, MD, Clinical Associate
Melanie K. Trost, MD, Assistant Professor
Sara Venkatasubramaniam, MD, Clinical Associate

Emeritus Faculty

Reginald Carter, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus
William Christmas, MD, Clinical Professor Emeritus
John McCray Dement, PhD, CIH, Professor Emeritus
E. Harvey Estes, Jr., MD, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus
Michael Hamilton, MD, Assistant Professor Emeritus
Karen Hills, MS, PA-C, Professor Emeritus
Victoria Kaprielian, MD, Professor Emeritus
Hester Lipscomb, MD, Professor Emeritus
Joellen Schildkraut, PhD, Professor Emeritus
Margaret Schmidt, EdD, CLS, Associate Professor Emeritus
Justine Strand de Oliveira, DrPH, PA-C, DFAAPA, Professor Emeritus
Robert Sullivan, MD, MPH, Associate Professor Emeritus
Samuel Warburton, MD, Professor Emeritus
David Warren, JD, Professor Emeritus