Cara Hall, M.D. Cara Hall, M.D.

“We’re burned out about talking about burnout.” 

This seemed to be the sentiment of my fourth-year medical school class as we spent the last month of our training in a course called “Successful Interning,” where we learned tips and tricks — both medical and personal — on how to survive our first year of residency.

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Joyce Copeland, M.D.

I admit it: I love apps. It may be a sign of an aging brain needing a little assistance, but I can live with that. I have discussed the role of the electronic era in the past but I thought it was time to update the subject with a few recommendations. These tools have been useful in both direct patient care and especially for teaching of students and residents.

Here are just a few useful apps:

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Sarah Palacio, PharmD

Learning to Listen: The Moment When Everything Changes

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Viviana Martinez-Bianchi Viviana Martinez-Bianchi

“Pasión por el cuidado de las personas” (passion for caring for people) was the title theme of the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) Iberoamerican regional meeting in Peru two weeks ago. As explained on the meeting website the specialty of Family and Community Medicine is growing and gaining strategic spaces all over Ibero America (Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries).

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Alexa Mieses, MD, MPH Alexa Mieses, MD, MPH

There I sat, rattling off my plans for the next one to five years. I was sitting in my program director’s office for an advisement meeting. “Of course, I would like to eventually run for the Board of Directors, but you know I’d probably better think about applying for this other position first in order to get a better understanding of--”

“Why not now?” Dr. Martinez-Bianchi asked.

“Well, you know, like I said before applying for a prominent leadership position like that I’d really like to learn more about ...”

“Why not now?” she repeated.

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