Family Medicine residents with Dr. Martinez-Bianchi Duke Family Medicine residents Jonathan Jimenez, Kenetra Hix and Everlyn Perez with Viviana Martinez-Bianchi at the Moral March on Raleigh.

By Viviana Martinez-Bianchi, M.D., FAAFP

Residency training at Duke Family Medicine is in full swing. Busy lives, achieving knowledge, competencies and skills and new Family Medicine Milestones are reached each day.

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Kenetra Hix Kenetra Hix, M.D., MPH

As we celebrate Black History Month this month and prepare to celebrate Women’s History Month in March, I am thankful for the opportunity to reflect on my experience as a woman of color. 

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Donna Tuccero, M.D.

By Donna Tuccero, M.D.

Medicine is an amazing profession. Every day I use my mind to its fullest. Although I have been practicing my craft for almost 30 years now, it seems like not a day goes by that I don’t see something new. Sometimes I learn a recently discovered fact about a disease process. Other times a research study presents an improved approach to treating that disease in our patients. I appreciate this growth in myself and in my profession.

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Sam Fam, DO

We, the people: About the Village


By Sam Fam, DO

A career in family medicine means you often have to think outside the box that is created by the traditional clinical encounter. When a patient steps into my clinic room, their chief complaint is laced with social, emotional and historical undertones.

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