Allison Higa-Howerton Allison Higa-Howerton, PA-S

It was early May 2014 and my husband and I were finishing up our jobs in Des Moines, Iowa. We were planning our ambitious road trip to relocate to Durham, North Carolina and finishing off our bucket list of favorite activities before we moved.

In just one month we’d be living in a new state, trying to learn the lay of the land. And in just three months I’d be starting my own epic journey — two whirlwind years of education at the Duke Physician Assistant Program.

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Amanda Thomas Amanda Thomas, PA-S

On interview day for a spot in the top-ranked program in the country, I gave myself a pep talk to ensure that I bring my “A game”. I walked into the interview room, introductions were made and a presentation was given on what to expect during the first year of PA school and the various clinical rotations available as a second year student. Although anxious and excited about all that was ahead, I was immediately drawn to one thing in particular: the opportunity to complete a rotation at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN.

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Scott Zeller Scott Zeller, PA-S

Swish.  Nothing but net.  Steals. Dribble, dribble, pass. Cuts, weaves. Shoots. Scores. 

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Christina Leung Christina Leung, PA-S

It seems like it was just yesterday when I first began my journey as a PA student, dissecting cadavers with unimaginable tools for the first time, struggling to absorb a wealth of new information every week, and performing my first complete history and physical exam. In fact, it was only last semester when my white coat was officially bestowed upon me. Today, I am still drinking from a firehose as the learning continues, except now, I also have the incredible opportunity to apply the clinical knowledge and skills that I have gained on real patients.

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Katie Peregrin Katie Peregrin, PA-S

“They must have sent me an acceptance letter by mistake …. Wait are we sure I should even be in here right now? …. Wow they’re already diving into material …. That girl had the right idea by bringing her highlighters ….

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