Staff Spotlight: Catherine Errington

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Catherine Errington
Catherine Errington

Name: Catherine Errington

Position: Staff Assistant

Division in CFM: Physician Assistant Program

Time in this position: 1 ½ years

Years at Duke: 2 ½ years

What I do at work: I work with the Clinical Year team, the second year students and our preceptors. Every day for me is different, I can be helping with an event, setting up meetings with our faculty and preceptors or I can be helping students get their evaluations.

What I love about my job: I love the people I work with. We have a great team here at DPAP with amazing leadership!

My first job: I was 16 and I worked at a concession stand on a lake in Minnesota.

My dream job: I have already had my dream job. I was able to stay home for nine years when my kids were small.

What I like to do for fun: Hang out with friends and family. I love movies, concerts going out to eat or just exploring new places.

Something my co-workers probably don’t know about me: I am pretty much an open book so I am sure a few people know that I was a fine arts major in college.

Favorite musician, movie, TV show, or book: My favorite author is John Steinbeck and my favorite book is "The Grapes of Wrath."

Last book I read: "The Identicals" by Elin Hilderbrand

What else would you like your co-workers to know about you? That I appreciate how hard they work and I could not ask for better people to work with.

What Catherine's Nominator Said About Her:

"Cathy is the kind of colleague who can make work feel like play. Whether she's encouraging a coworker when they’re feeling overwhelmed, decorating someone’s office for their birthday, or suggesting lunch at a new restaurant just for fun, Cathy intentionally fosters a culture of support and positivity. And she does it all while producing highly professional work, no matter what lands on her plate."


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