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Duke Family Medicine Center is located at 2100 Erwin Road, Durham, NC.
To schedule an appointment call (919) 684-6721.


Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-5 pm

Below are some of the services and specialties that are available at the Duke Family Medicine Center.


Duke Family Medicine Center offers CenteringPregnancy® prenatal care for expectant mothers. The model of care replaces routine individual visits with group visits of eight to twelve pregnant women who are due about the same time.

In a two-hour visit, moms have a one-on-one assessment with the provider and plenty of time for group sharing and discussions. Patients participate in their own care and have time with their provider to discuss important information.

Patients receive all the components of prenatal care, including health assessment, education, and support. In the group sessions, there is a facilitated discussion of pregnancy, birth and newborn care as well as overall health, stress management, and more.

Download a CenteringPregnancy brochure


Duke Family Medicine Center clinicians provide comprehensive care to older adults, including home visits, management of complicated medication regimens, and care of one or multiple chronic diseases. Our provider staff includes two physicians who have fellowship training and certificate of added qualifications (CAQ) in geriatrics, one of which also has an added qualification in palliative medicine.

Our residents, along with several providers, conduct home visits as needed to help patients who are unable to leave their homes. We work closely with the Just for Us program for homebound seniors, as well, to ensure patients get the care that they need when they need it. We have a team that includes outstanding nurses, a pharmacist who assists with medication management, and a social worker well-versed in community resources for seniors. 

LGBTQ+ Culturally Sensitive & Knowledgeable Care

As Duke Family Medicine Center grows and expands its services, the clinic hopes to offer more tailored health care services to its LGBTQ+ patients to meet their medical needs, all with a focus on cultural competency.

For more information about services specifically geared toward the LGBTQ+ population, or if you are interested in becoming actively involved in helping shape positive clinical change, please email or visit the LGBTQ+ Patient-Centered Medical Home section of the website.

Pharmacotherapy Clinic

Our clinic provides professional medication therapy management by a licensed clinical pharmacist practitioner. Our pharmacist, C. Brock Woodis, PharmD, operates as a co-equal member of our health care team, and provides medication review for patients with complex medical situations or chronic disease. He provides expert guidance to patients and their primary care providers, working closely with them to help us provide safe and effective medication therapy for our patients. He also provides outstanding full-service diabetes education and is a certified diabetes educator and advanced diabetes manager for our clinic.

Preventive Care

  • Immunizations
  • Health screenings for women and men
  • Physical exams for children and adults
  • Chronic disease management

Smoking Cessation Program

Duke Family Medicine Center offers a Smoking Cessation Program. Individuals who smoke regularly are nicotine dependent and often have difficulty quitting alone. Working with a Quit at Duke Clinician offers an individualized assessment, identifies any specific challenges to quitting and provides a unique plan to quit for each patient.

These visits focus on:

  1. Comprehensive evaluation to determine which treatments will be most effective for you
  2. Evidence-based medications — often combination medications or adaptive treatment
  3. The option of several evidence-based behavioral treatments
  4. Long-term phone-based “check-ups”
  5. Access to research studies

For information on Quit at Duke or to make an appointment please call 919-613-QUIT.

Sports Medicine

Duke Family Medicine Center cares for patients with musculoskeletal conditions and athletes of all ages and skill levels.

Services Offered

  • Management of:
    • Sprains, strains, and dislocations
    • Joint pain and arthritis
    • Tendonitis
    • Minor fractures
  • Concussion care
  • Sports medicine for runners and female athletes
  • Bracing
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound
  • Steroid and hyaluronic acid injections
  • Toenail removal
  • Laceration repairs
  • Pre-participation physicals for middle school and high school athletes

Well-Child Visits

Duke Family Medicine Center provides outstanding care for infants and children, including well-child visits. These visits focus on review of birth and health history, age-appropriate physical examination, and recommendations for preventive health measures, including a strong emphasis on childhood immunizations. Well-child visits are also an opportunity for families and caregivers to ask questions, and receive guidance about safety, child care, sports participation, and normal growth and development.


Duke Family Medicine Clinic Brochure

Duke Family Medicine CenteringPregnancy® Brochure