Jarod Green, PA-S

White coat? Check.

Stethoscope? Check.

Camera? Check.

My camera has been almost as essential to me this past year-and-a-half as my medical equipment. As historian of the Class of 2018, it has been my responsibility to chronicle our journey through PA school at Duke. Through my camera lens, I have seen the joys, struggles and triumphs that the 89 of us have experienced. I have seen my amazing classmates learn medicine, practice clinical skills, debate important issues, participate in community service, and study, study, study. Almost as importantly, I have seen us interact with one another — teaching, learning, supporting, laughing, crying — as we have developed friendships that will last far beyond our two years of school. Being historian has been one of the highlights of my Duke PA experience.

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Nichole Capitanio Nichole Capitanio

Name: Nichole Capitanio

Position: Director, Personal Assistance Service

Division/Program in department: Personal Assistance Service, Division of Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Start date: April 16, 2018

Where I worked prior to accepting this role: Cleveland Clinic

What I will be doing in this role: Working with a team of professionals to support Duke employees.

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Alexa Namba, DO, MPH Alexa Namba, DO, MPH

The hills are alive with the sound of … family physicians?

Each year, Salzburg, Austria — the town made famous by Mozart and “The Sound of Music” — hosts family doctors from around the world. Here, the American Austrian Foundation (AAF), in partnership with Duke University, hosts bi-annual seminars to foster dialogue and share knowledge among an international audience of family doctors.

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Sarah Palacio, PharmD, BCPS Sarah Palacio, PharmD, BCPS

Duke Family Medicine Center is a place of learning. This fact is evident by the smiling pictures of family medicine residents that line the hallway, the warm introductions of new rotation students, the sound of educational programs from the conference room, and the voices of attendings and preceptors mentoring their students and residents on procedures and treatments.

Learning is essential in health care. In pharmacy, there is always a new study published or a new drug that was just approved by the FDA; lifelong learning comes with the territory.

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Maurice Paquette, PA-S

It takes a village to raise a child.

Growing up in a small town in northern Vermont, I was lucky enough to be the beneficiary of this proverb. Going to high school less than two miles from home, my early years were predominated by a caring community that supported each of my endeavors, including school, sports and travel. College further echoed this. Saint Michael’s College, just two miles from my family’s restaurant, was a community which cared for the individual needs of each and every student. From small classes and philosophical discussions to international travel, and a group of biology professors who shaped me more than they could ever know, SMC was a wonderful place to grow and flourish, as not only a student, but also as a person.

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