Joe Chang Joe Chang, PA-S

Reflections from the First Semester

I began my journey as a PA student at the Duke Physician Assistant Program (DPAP) auspiciously, culminating with the White Coat Ceremony during the first week of orientation. This intimate ceremony initiated each of us into the PA profession, following the path of past and current PAs, who have contributed greatly to our profession.

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Joyce Copeland, MD Joyce Copeland, M.D.

It is Christmas evening and I have just returned from the annual family gathering and, while tired from the journey, I am filled with gratitude for having another set of memories to add to my life story. There are the long traditions such as always having the family together at our family home. Christmas services at the church I grew up in brings back such memories of my parents. The kids Christmas service is always full of surprises that everyone enjoys for its innocence and provides laughter which is such a healing experience.

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Mansi Shah, MD Mansi Shah, M.D.

Recently, a friend sent me an article titled "The 6 Things Millennials Bring Up the Most in Therapy." It was easy to identify with most of the issues brought up in the article, and I found myself relieved to see that these challenges were common among people my age. Some of these topics felt even more pressing for those of us in medical training, so I decided to add a few reflections below specific to medical s

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Herman Kimball Herman Kimball

Name: Herman Kimball

Position: RN Program Coordinator

Division in CFM: Division of Community Health, Just for Us program

Time in this position: 1 year, 2 months

Years at Duke: Same as above

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Anthony Sciulli Anthony Sciulli, PA-S

I look back fondly on my high school human physiology class, not for the content, but for the experience itself.  Like most high school students, I lacked insight on what I would like to pursue in life and took the honors level class largely to “look good” on my college applications. The teacher, who coincidentally played football for and graduated from Duke, was tough. Within the first three days of school I realized the class itself was a far cry from any class I had ever taken.

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