Joyce Copeland, M.D. Joyce Copeland, M.D.

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has a poster that displays quotes by family doctors to demonstrate the characteristics that make us proud to be a family physician.  It starts with “I treat people, not disease.” This is the philosophy we all subscribe to. It gives us the focus to look beyond the microbe, the molecule, and the metabolic disruption. We are the people specialists. This will always be true.

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Justin Wood, PA-S


Fellow classmate Neena Pack has posted this lovely announcement in our class Facebook group too many times to count at this point in our PA school career. It serves as a reminder to download the necessary updates to ensure a fully-functioning testing platform. During clinical year, this usually only means one thing: Get excited, folks, it’s call back day!

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Bryar Falvey, PA-S

Reflections on the first year

People have described the first year of PA school as “drinking from a fire hydrant” or “carrying ten pounds of potatoes in a five pound sack” and I would have to agree. We begin a new unit of information almost every week; doesn’t that sound daunting? Well, it is.

It is crazy, it is hectic, it is stressful, but it is also exciting. College was drastically different from PA school. While in college, I was forced to read literature of which I had no interest. In PA school the material is everything I ever wanted and more.

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Everlyn Perez, M.D. Everlyn Perez, M.D.

She was only 18 years old, but had been through trauma that most women will never understand. During a recent international elective in La Paz, Bolivia, I had the opportunity to visit Raquel in her home. At first glance, her room was not too different from any other teenager; the walls were covered by posters of boy bands and a small table was decorated with make up and jewelry.  

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Leesha Gunnink, PA-S

A New Home

When I imagined what PA school would be like, I knew I would learn an immense amount and be challenged academically. What I did not anticipate was the ideological stretching, but I am grateful for my context and classes that have contributed to my growth.

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