Mallory Begley, PA-S

Duke Basketball Campout 2016

Who said you can’t have fun in PA school?

It seems like we just entered the halls of the Duke Physician Assistant Program (DPAP) building and in the blink of an eye, we hit our one-month mark! The cranial juices are flowing strong, accompanied by newfound school spirit! GO DUKE!

Our blood bleeds blue as we embrace the social aspect of our new community. Get ready for the most popular, crazy and defining moment of Duke grad school social events: CAMPOUT!

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Sam Fam, DO

We, the people: About the Village


By Sam Fam, DO

A career in family medicine means you often have to think outside the box that is created by the traditional clinical encounter. When a patient steps into my clinic room, their chief complaint is laced with social, emotional and historical undertones.

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Neena Pack, PA-S

Bridge Course – Transition to the 2nd Year

With the fast pace and large volume of content during the first year of PA school, it is easy to feel as though you haven’t absorbed it all by the time rotations start. You are very well-prepared, you just don’t know it yet – welcome to Bridge Course.

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Atalaysha Churchwell

Name: Atalaysha Churchwell, LPC, LCAS

Position: Assistant Network Director of NPCC and Population Health Director

Division in CFM: Community Health

Time in this position: 1.5 years

Years at Duke: 6.5 years

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Joyce Copeland, MD Joyce Copeland, MD

By Joyce Copeland, MD

It is traditional for everyone to anticipate the new year with resolutions or to deliberately ignore the process (that would be me), though I do try to honor my heritage with greens and black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day.

The upcoming year promises to be challenging to say the least. We already have the specter of coding on steroids, metrics run amuck and formularies changing at the slightest whim. So, I decided to reflect on lessons learned or reinforced in 2016.

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