Kimberly M. Alexander-Bratcher

Name: Kimberly M. Alexander-Bratcher

Position: Project Planner, Practical Playbook & Primary Liaison, BUILD Health Challenge

Division in CFM: Chair's Office

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Viviana Martinez-Bianchi Viviana Martinez-Bianchi

“Pasión por el cuidado de las personas” (passion for caring for people) was the title theme of the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) Iberoamerican regional meeting in Peru two weeks ago. As explained on the meeting website the specialty of Family and Community Medicine is growing and gaining strategic spaces all over Ibero America (Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries).

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Catherine Errington Catherine Errington

Name: Catherine Errington

Position: Staff Assistant

Division in CFM: Physician Assistant Program

Time in this position: 1 ½ years

Years at Duke: 2 ½ years

What I do at work: I work with the Clinical Year team, the second year students and our preceptors. Every day for me is different, I can be helping with an event, setting up meetings with our faculty and preceptors or I can be helping students get their evaluations.

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Heather Dumke, PA-S

Lessons from Clinical Year

July 21, 2017: My last day of clinical year. I awoke that morning and immediately felt a flood of emotions: excited that I had accomplished another PA school milestone; exhausted from adapting to new rotations, new places, and new medical knowledge for twelve straight months; grateful for the wonderful preceptors and patients who helped me advance my clinical skills; and sad that I will never again be able to immerse myself in so many diverse clinical experiences in such a short period of time.

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Martha La Rosa Snyder, PA-S

Year One

I got married a little over a year ago – one month before I started as a newly-minted Duke University physician assistant student. The golden ticket offer to interview at the No. 1 PA program in the nation had arrived in my inbox a couple of weeks before we were set to leave for Peru – the proposal destination that my husband had been planning. The exciting sequence of events in those few months ended with Duke e-mailing my acceptance for the Class of 2018. 

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