Meghan MeltonName: Meghan Melton

Position: Staff Specialist

Division in CFM: Chairman’s office

Time in this position: Six months

Time at Duke: Six months

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Hondo Espino Hondo Espino, PA-S

“Alright Espino, you’re up!” 

It’s the start of Day 2 during my Obstetrics-Gynecology rotation and these are the words my preceptor tells me as we get paged into Labor and Delivery. I feel a surge of anticipation rush through my body as I realize what those words mean– it’s time to for me to deliver a baby! 

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Emily Choi Emily Choi, PA-S

In addition to our fascinating anatomy cadaver dissection labs on Fridays, we have the Patient Assessment and Counselling I (PAC I) course to look forward to.  While half of our class is in the anatomy lab exploring parts of the body on cadavers, the other half is in PAC I learning the relevant non-invasive physical examination technique on our class partner. We prepare for PAC I each week by watching a prerecorded lecture and taking an online quiz to ensure we will be ready for the session.

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By Sharon Hull, M.D., MPH

Most of you know that the Duke Family Medicine Center is part of Duke’s Private Diagnostic Clinic (PDC). This organization is home to the “practice plan” for Duke faculty clinicians. The PDC has recently named new leadership, and that leadership has set out to complete a strategic planning process across the entire PDC. Each clinical department has been asked to participate in that process, and Community and Family Medicine has done so.

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Lara SnyderName: Lara Snyder

Position: Project Planner

Division in CFM: Chair’s Office

Time in this position: 2 years

Years at Duke: 2 years

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