Susie Page Susie Page, MSW, LCSW, ACM

As an Emergency Department social worker I will never forget reading the following: “patient vs. ashtray.” Of course, in that fast-paced environment the focus was on completing stitches and not asking who threw the ashtray. In today’s health care settings there unfortunately is limited time to consider Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).

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Irene Lynch Irene Lynch

Name: Irene N. Lynch

Position: Administrative Secretary

Division/Program in CFM: Duke Physician Assistant Program

Time in this position: 2 years and 4 months

Years at Duke: 2 years

What I do at work: Greet guests and assist students, faculty and staff with any and all PA program needs

What I love about my job: The people I work with. We are one big family at the PA program (including the students) and we look out for each other.

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Donna Tuccero, M.D. Donna Tuccero, M.D.

Recently, I engaged with some colleagues in a heartfelt conversation about the sense of purpose I feel when caring for patients during the transition times in their life. Oftentimes these transitions occur following a new diagnosis or change in patient status. We spoke of the value of continuity in the doctor-patient relationship and the importance of being fully present in the moment. This requires that physicians go beyond the external trappings of the encounter and commit the entirety of their self to the patient relationship at that moment.

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Jenna Pickett, PA-S

I vividly remember the day I found out I had been accepted into the Duke Physician Assistant Program. I was in the middle of a 12-hour shift at the hospital where I worked and I checked my email on break. The first line of the email read, “Dear Jenna, Congratulations on your acceptance to the Duke University Physician Assistant Program!” I couldn’t formulate a text out of pure excitement so I took a screenshot and sent it to my mom.

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Abir Yousif Abir Yousif and her mother

Name: Abir Yousif

Position: Registered Medical Assistant, RMA

Division in CFM: Family Medicine

Time in this position: 1 year, 1 month

Years at Duke: 1 year, 1 month

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