Joshua Davidoff, PA-S

2,562. 240. 90.

The Duke Physician Assistant Program’s admissions web page lays out just how selective the program is. For my class, 2,562 people applied, 240 were interviewed, and 90 accepted offers of admission. To be accepted, one has to have a remarkable story and numerous achievements. When I looked at those numbers, I thought “Why me? Am I good enough to survive and graduate?” I had imposter syndrome, but my story is one of overcoming adversity.

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Alexa Namba, DO Alexa Namba, DO

”Push! Push! You can do it! You’re so close! Breathe deep! Only one more push!“

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John Ragsdale, MDIt is not often you get a chance to learn a new skill when you are in the "midlife" of your career. However, that is exactly what I have been allowed to do recently, and it is one of the reasons I enjoy working at an academic medical institution so much.

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Misty Hilton Misty Hilton

Name: Misty Hilton

Position: Appointment Coordinator 

Division in CFM: Family Medicine

Time in this position: 5 months 

Years at Duke: 5 months 

What I do at work: Assist patients in making their appointments with the providers at the Duke Family Medicine Center.

What I love about my job: Being able to help people, and getting to know a lot of different people.

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Joyce Copeland, M.D. Joyce Copeland, M.D.

By Joyce Copeland, M.D.

I had the honor of participating in the N.C. Academy of Family Physicians’ 10th annual Family Medicine Day recently. Students from across three states gathered to learn skills critical to family medicine, and were given the opportunity to meet with representatives of family medicine residency programs from North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

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