Duke Health Measures

The Duke Health Measures have been developed and validated over the past 35 years in the Department of Community and Family Medicine as part of a long-term effort to measure and study the relationship between health and its determinants. The original initiative was measurement of health in terms of physical, mental, and social function, which are the principal components of health outlined by the World Health Organization in 1959.

Now, the Department of Community and Family Medicine is validating the new Duke Health Profile - 8 Items (Duke-8), and also, because of the increased interest in population health, we are validating the Duke Population Health Profile (Duke-PH) for measurement of health combined with its determinants and outcomes. IRB-approved research studies are underway for both measures.

Past and present Duke Health Measures are available for download below and the user's guide is available for online ordering.

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The following Duke Health Measures are available online.

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The Duke Health Measures are copyrighted and require permission from Duke for their use. Usually, permission can be granted by e-mail for students, individual health care providers, and individual researchers. However, permission for use by clinical and/or research organizations requires a royalty-bearing license granted by Duke. For further information, please e-mail Dr. George Parkerson.